Survey Settings

Survey Settings

Understand customizable Fynzo Survey settings that will assist you in getting the best survey experience and most insightful and valuable information from your target audience. Let's learn these one by one.

Open Survey Settings

Click on 'Settings' on the left-hand side of the survey page.

Change Survey Name

Update the survey name under 'Survey Name'.
Click on 'Submit' and the survey name is updated.

Publish/ Unpublish the Survey

Toggle the button on if you want your survey to accept the responses. If you want your survey to stop accepting the responses, toggle off the button.
Don't forget to click on 'Submit' button.

Capture Location

Toggle on/off to capture respondent's location, then click 'Submit'. Toggle the button on - It will let you to know the location of your respondents. Toggle off if you don't want to capture the location of the respondents.

Number of Submissions By One Respondent

Toggle on/off to allow single or multiple responses from one respondent, then click 'Submit'. Toggle on to limit the number of submission by one respondent to one. Toggle off to allow multiple submissions by a respondent.

Send a Copy to Respondents

If you toggle the button on, a copy of the response will be sent to the respondents over their email. Toggle off if you don't want to send a copy to the respondents. Click 'Submit' after you update this setting.

Password Protection

Toggle on, set a password, or toggle off for no protection to the survey, then click 'Submit'. Enter the password you want to set in the field 'Set Password'. Toggle off if you do not want any password protection.

Response Limit

Toggle on, set the maximum response limit, then click 'Submit'. Enter the maximum number of responses that you want for your survey in the required field. Toggle off if you don't want to limit the maximum number of responses to your survey.

Survey Beginning Data and Time

Toggle on, set the start date and time, if you want the survey to start at a specific date and time and then click 'Submit'. Toggle the button off if you don't want your survey to start at a specific date and time.

Survey End Data and Time

Toggle on, set the end date and time, if you want the survey to end at a specific date and time and then click 'Submit'. Toggle the button off if you don't want your survey to end at a specific date and time.

Survey Quiz Timer

Toggle on, set the timer for respondents within which they have to fill the survey, then click 'Submit'. Toggle off if you don't want to set any quiz timer.

Survey View Format

Choose between 'Classic Survey' or 'Conversational Survey'.
  1. Conversational Survey - The questions will be displayed one by one on the screen. It will help in making a natural dialogue between the respondents and the survey.
  2. Classic Survey - The traditional format where all the questions will be shown at once on the same screen.
After updating the same, click on 'Submit'.

Wrapping Up

Weren't these feature amazing? Of course they are. They make the survey creating process super easy by facilitating you with a lot of features and survey settings. This was all that you need to know about the survey setting in Fynzo Survey Panel. 

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