Survey Notification

Survey Notification

You can configure notifications to receive alerts whenever a new response is submitted or when certain predefined conditions are met within the survey. This feature ensures that you stay informed and can take immediate action based on the responses or conditions that require attention. Read ahead to know how to set up survey notifications :

 to increase customer engagement with Fynzo Survey. Get timely survey notification to stay informed about survey responses. Learn setting the survey notification in these easy steps:

Open Survey Notification

Click on 'Notification' after opening your survey.

Add Notification

Once in Survey Notifications, click 'Add Notification' by using either of these buttons.

Name Your Notification

Enter a name for your notification in the 'Name' field.

Set Survey Notification

To receive notification whenever a response is submitted, simply enter your email address for where you want notifications to be sent, then click 'submit'.

Set Condition Specific Notification

Make the trigger event more specific by adding conditions with the '+Add' button.

Select Question

Select a question on which you want to put the condition.

Set Criteria

Specify the response on which you want notifications to trigger. For example, choose to receive notifications when the question receives a rating of less than (<) 3 stars out of 5.

Finalize Command

Enter a number corresponding to your criteria for instance, rating threshold for your notification (e.g., 'Less than 3 stars out of 5'). Click 'Submit' to finalize your command and set up the survey notification.

Add Multiple Survey Notifications

Add specificity by applying conditions to multiple questions. Note that these conditions are connected with "and," meaning the trigger will activate only when all criteria are met.

Add Email Accounts

Include email accounts to receive notifications. Use '+Add' for multiple accounts. Click 'Submit' when finished.

Edit the Survey Notification

To edit the survey notification, simply click on the 'Edit' icon located below, as demonstrated.

Complete the Edits

Do the edits you want to make in your survey notification and click 'submit'.

Delete the Survey Notification

To delete the survey notification, simply click on the 'Delete' icon located below, as demonstrated.

Confirm Deletion

Confirm deletion by clicking 'Yes'.

Wrapping Up

You've mastered survey notifications! Set up, modify, or remove notification alerts effortlessly for a seamless survey experience. Now, stay updated on your survey responses by configuring survey notifications.

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