How to use skip logic in your survey?

How to use skip logic in your survey?

Making your survey stand out from the rest is not enough. To ensure that you get plenty of responses to your surveys require being mindful of things like cutting out the questions irrelevant to the respondent. Here, at Fynzo Survey, we use 'Skip Logic' to cut down the irrelevant steps and display questions to the respondent based on their responses.

Steps to apply 'Skip Logic':

1. On the question that you want to apply skip logic, click on Action >> Skip Logic.

2. Click on 'Add A Skip Logic'.

3. Choose what the next question is according to the respondent’s answer. Here, for example, if the respondent answers 'Extremely Well' to the question 'How well do the professors teach at this university?' ?

4. Choose the next question as 'Is this course what you expected it to be? Why or Why Not?' ?

5. In all other cases i.e., if they answer 'Somewhat well' or 'Not so well', choose the next question as 'Give a chance, what is one change that you would like to see?'.

6. Click Submit.

Ta-da! That’s all you have to do to add skip logic in your survey questions.

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