See details of a single response

See details of a single response

To get an in-depth understanding of the respondents, one might want to see responses individually.

Following are the steps to see details of a single response:
  1. On the dashboard click on the survey for which you want to view details of a single response.

  2. Click on Responses on the top.

  3. Click on List View on the left side panel of the page.

  4. Now you can view the list of responses received so far and their time of submission. Now click on the particular response you want to view the details for. 

  5. Here are the details of the particular response.

  6. Also there are some metadata of the response on the top. It contains device id, geo-location (if the location setting is on for the survey), time of start and end of survey and duration of survey.

  7. Also, if you want to navigate to other responses from this page, you can click on pagination links at the bottom.

This is it!

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