How to edit a survey?

How to edit a survey?

Creating a survey seems to be an easy task but one should be very particular about it as the data collected through them can really help your business to grow. One should always make revisions and edit their surveys before making them live.

Steps to edit your survey:

  1. Open the 'Survey Template', if you wish to edit the questions or any particular question of the survey, click on Action>>>Edit.

2. For the Question you want to edit, click on action >> edit.

3. You can edit the question as per your requirement in the following text box under 'Edit Question'. You can also change the answer type by selecting from the following 'Drop Down'.

4. After making all the required changes, click on 'Submit'.

5. If you wish to change the title of the survey, go to 'Settings' on the left hand side of the panel>>>edit the name of the survey in the 'Name' box.

There, now you can go ahead and make changes to your survey.

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