User roles

User roles

User roles help define permissions and responsibilities, ensuring efficient access control and organized task delegation within the system.

Here are the access level that are present in our system.
  1. "Owner" is the default access level assigned when a user creates an account, granting full permissions; however, this role is not visible in the front-end system interface. All the features displayed below are accessible at this access level.
  2. "Admin" is a system-defined access level that can be granted to another user. This level allows the user to perform all actions within the survey and templates except for those listed under Settings, such as upgrading the account, billings, adding new users, setting up CNAME, , and SMTP configuration etc.
  3. "Custom": Here are the user-defined roles that can be created by including different available features. Please refer to the images below for the list of available features.
            We will briefly define each feature so you can decide and grant access as per your requirements.

      1. Create Survey Form: User can create new survey form.
      2. Modify Survey Form : User can edit existing survey form.
      3. View Response Data : User can view responses.
      4. Download Response Data : User can download response data.

Now that you understand all the roles type available, lets go ahead and create a custom role :

  1. On the dashboard, Click on Settings >> User Roles.

  2. Now click on "Add New Role".

  3. Enter an appropriate name for the role and provide a brief description to describe the role. Then select the desired features to include in this role. Finally, click "Submit" to save your changes.

The role has been successfully added. When adding a new user, you will find this role available for assignment. (Refer to the image below for reference.)

That's it. Hope the article was helpful. If you would like something to be improved, please comment below. Thanks.

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