Getting Started

Getting Started

Create surveys from scratch to reach your target audience and get better responses. Follow the steps below to create your first survey.

Start creating your first survey

To create your first survey, click on the ‘Create Survey’ Button.

Select survey view

After clicking on the ‘Create Survey’ button, you will be taken to the following webpage where you will be asked to select one of the following options.
  1. Conversational Survey - The questions will be displayed one by one on the screen. It will help in making a natural dialogue between the respondents and the survey.
  2. Classic Survey - The traditional format where all the questions will be shown at once on the same screen.

Name your survey

You can select either option, and then fill the name of your survey in the required field as shown in the image.
After selecting the view of the survey as per your requirement, click on ‘Create Blank’.

Add questions

After clicking on ‘Create Blank’ Button, you will be taken to the following webpage, where you can add your question. Click on submit after adding the first question to get started.

Wrapping Up

Creating surveys on the Fynzo Survey web panel is a breeze! These steps are designed to be super user-friendly. Explore other articles to delve into additional features. Uncover the full potential of Fynzo Survey and create surveys that provide valuable insights from your audience.

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