Collect surveys from your own domain

Collect surveys from your own domain

You can take surveys from your own domain with Fynzo Survey. By default, the web address of your survey form is a Zoho Desk subdomain such as "<surveyform>". However, you can personalize this so that your respondent can submit surveys on a custom domain, such as ''. This feature is called domain/host mapping.

DNS Configuration
  1. Open DNS setting of your domain (like in the portal of your DNS provider company (like godaddy, bigrock, ...etc)
  2. Add a CNAME record pointing to ""

Panel Configuration
  1. Go to Fynzo-Survey Web Admin-Panel
  2. Go to setting page, and then white-label setting
  3. Submit your "custom domain" (like

Custom Survey Link
  1. Go to Fynzo-Survey Web Admin-Panel
  2. Go to a particular survey-form (create if not)
  3. Go to share section and copy survey link
  4. That's your "Custom Survey Link" for this survey (if custom-domain configured correctly).

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